sex educator for hire
Kenna Cook staning on a stage teaching sex education

Kenna Cook (she/they) is a pansexual, kink and polyamory-friendly fierce non-binary femme and sex-positive parent. She believes all people deserve to have great sex!


Kenna teaches queer-focused, consent-based, trauma-informed sex and pleasure hands-on, how-to education to people across the gender and sexuality spectrum.


Currently, Kenna teaches sex education to middle and high school students in Northern California, and is a Family Planning Health Worker at teen-centered sexual health and wellness clinic.

They are also the founder of the Pansexual Pancake Breakfast Group at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, a research interventionist at the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS) at San Francisco State University, and a former sex columnist for online zine, VOICES: River City.

What if sex education can change the world?

All coaching, classes & workshops are offered on a sliding fee scale to accommodate all income levels. Sex and pleasure education to should be accessible to all!

Sex & Pleasure

Get the tools to build a more pleasurable & knowledgeable sex life with classes & workshops like:

  • SEXtra Credit: a Q & A style sex education trivia workshop

  • Rock, Paper, Scissoring: Queer Sex 101

  • Find Your Own O: Learn to Prioritize Pleasure

Sex After

Life throws a lot at you - and many things can seem to spell the end of pleasure & desire. Learn how to reclaiming your right to great sex, with classes & workshops like:

  • STDs Aren't an RIP for Your Sex Life

  • Dating after Divorce: How to Get Your Groove Back

  • Reclaim Your Temple: Addressing Sex & Trauma After Sexual Assault

Sex-Positive Parenting

Move on from "the birds & the bees" to teach your kids accurate, affirming sexual health with classes & workshops like:​

  • Boss of Your Body: Teaching Kids About Consent

  • Over the Rainbow Parenting: Raising Kids with Queer Culture

  • "I'm an Experience": Talking to Kids About Gender Expression via Steven Universe

Love & Relationships

Love is a many gendered thing! Learn more about how to speak the language of love with classes & workshops like:

  • Speak Your Love Language: Intimate Communication Skills

  • Talking Dirty to Me: Sexting Your Way to Success

  • How to Poly: Practicing Ethical Non-Monogamy in a Hook-Up Culture

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