December 2017

Here’s What happened When These Women Were Told Their Vaginas Were Gross HelloFlo 12.27.17

Stop Telling Me I’m “Brave” For Talking About My Sex Life Bustle – 12.18.17

Pansexual Pancakes with Kenna Cook Sex with Timaree – 12.13.17

Ep308: Polyamorous Pancake Breakfasts w/ Kenna Cook Sex With Timaree Podcast – 12.7.17

9 Women Explain What Their "Pregnancy Boobs" Actually Feel Like Cosmopolitan - 12.4.17


November 2017

Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum? Elite Daily - 11.8.17

We Need Open Conversations on Sexual Health The Link (Canada) - 11.7.17

When Is It Too Early To Talk To Your Kids About Consent? The Evan Solomon Show (RADIO)– 11.2.17

October 2017

Parents Are Reaching For Teachable Moments on Sex Harassment San Francisco Chronicle - 10.30.17

Poly Role Models: Kenna Cook Poly Role Models - 10.25.17

Do Women's Sex Drives Decrease With Age? Myths about Female Sexuality  Bustle - 10.17.17

September 2017

Guys Who Feel Emasculated by Women Bringing Sex Toys into the Bedroom, I've Got a Message for You Bustle – 9.21.17

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Using Anal Beads Cosmopolitan – 9.20.17

Do you Need Protection for Oral Sex? Yes, But People Aren’t Using It, Survey Finds Bustle – 9.12.17

Being Queer and Femme Means Constantly Coming Out Cosmopolitan - 9.08.17​

6 Women Reveal How Menopause Has Impacted Their Sex Life Prevention Magazine – 9.8.17


August 2017

Why the Hell are People Still Hung Up on Braless Boobs? EcoSalon – 8.31.17

What You Should Know About Finding a Couple to Have a Threesome With Cosmopolitan – 8.30.17

Norway Is Recruiting Real People for TV Sex HowStuffWorks – 8.11.17


July 2017

An Introduction to Polyamory Flight & Scarlet – 7.28.17

The Disappearance of the Dental Dam Illustrates How We View Female Pleasure – Glamour – 7.26.10

What To Do If You Want An Open Relationship & Your Partner Doesn't Bustle – 7.11.17


June 2017

Understanding the Female Orgasm – 6.20.17

5 Anal Sex Tips That Have Nothing to Do With Pleasing 'Your Man' CafeMom – 6.6.17

The Unapologetic Truth About Having Sex for the First Time Post-Baby  CafeMom – 6.2.17


May 2017

Here's Why These 4 Women Are Not Into Oral Sex HelloFlo – 5.8.17

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Have Sex With Someone Bustle – 5.15.17

How Sex Will Be Different In 10 Years, According To Experts Bustle – 5.22.17

Can You Get An STI From A Vibrator? Yup, But Here's How To Prevent It  Bustle – 5.24.17


April 2017

The Virtues Of Scheduling Sex DOPE Magazine – 4.12.17

Kenna Cook, founder of the Pansexual Pancake Breakfast Sacramento News & Review – 4.13.17


March 2017

Women Share Rusty Trombone, Rimming, Hand Job Sex Stories Cosmopolitan – 3.3.17

Kenna Cook Covered An Amazing Discussion About Consent On SexTalkTuesday – 3.28.17

February 2017

We spoke to sex educators about teaching consent to kids, and how to get involved with "Consent Week" on Twitter HelloGiggles – 2.21.17

14 Ways Your Body Will Never Be The Same After You Have A Baby - 2.10.17


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